Welcome to Infinite Flight’s Leading Virtual Airline - Introducing “The Terminal”

Founded in 2012, Qantas Virtual Group has grown to be Infinite Flight’s largest domestic and international virtual airline.

Recreated from the real world icon Qantas, the Qantas Virtual Group is widely regarded as Infinite Flight’s leading virtual airline and is one of the strongest brands within the community. We’ve built a reputation for excellence in training, the member experience and customer service.

The Qantas Virtual Group operates two complementary virtual airline brands - Qantas Virtual and Jetstar Virtual which operate regional, domestic and international services. The Qantas Virtual Group also operates a renowned Pilot Academy with a strong focus on increasing aviation knowledge so that our pilots excel in their future professions

Every year, hundreds of flight simulator enthusiasts rely on the Qantas Virtual Group to take them somewhere.

We’ve been serving the Infinite Flight Community for almost 10 years. And we know that our continued success relies on the decisions we make to ensure the best experience for our flyers.

To make things more exciting, we’ve just unveiled our new operations centre called “The Terminal”, exclusive to the Qantas Virtual Group pilots who have shaped our airline from the start.

Strap yourself in for the New Era...

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