The Leadership Team

Angelo Merlacco

Chief Executive Officer

The Chief Executive Officer's responsibilities include making major corporate decisions alongside the Board of Directors and managing overall operations of the Qantas Virtual Group.

Josh Hicks

Chief Operating Officer

The Chief Operating Officer is tasked with day-to-day administration and operation of the business. The Chief Operations Officer is second in command of the Virtual Airline.

Anush Patel

Chief Technical Officer

Anush is the brains behind all our technological features. He maintains all systems and makes sure our pilots are getting the best experience possible on our systems.

Luke Manchester

Director of Marketing

Luke is responsible for all of our social media outlets and the way we represent ourselves on public spaces.

Sam Baker

Operations Director

Sam is responsible for the overseeing of the Operations Department.

Tim Roper

Operations Manager

The Operations Manager is the backbone of the Virtual Airline and is responsible for running daily operations.

Platinum Club Members

Here are our Platinum Club Members, they have gone above and beyond for the Virtual Airline.

Mackenzie Rodgers


Breydon Verryt-Reid


Benjamin Williams


David Lockwood


Darren Rayner


Adam Szymfeld


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